Applications Installation Tutorial


Official VIPTV Streams Application for All Android Devices and Fire TV Stick

VIPTV PLAY is the Official VIPTV Streams Application that is Compatible with any ANDROID DEVICE or FIRE TV STICK and you can use it with Any Package Subscription. This page explains the applications installation.

This tutorial will show you how to setup and use VIPTV STREAMS PLAY on ANDROID DEVICE or FIRE STICK TV

First Step – Installing the Application

click below to install VIPTV PLAY from Google Play Store

Or type this link below in your Android Device Browser to download and manual install VIPTV PLAY

Second step – Lauching The Application

When you open VIPTV PLAY for the First Time you will see a screen like this one on screenshoot below.

Type the VIPTV PLAY ACTIVATION CODE that was emailed to you and Click on ACTIVATE

Thirth Step – Using the Application

After you click on ACTIVATE you will see a Screen like this one on screenshoot below, it takes a while to load at the first time, please wait until it finish and get to the application’s main screen.

If you see any error message on screen after inserting ACTIVATION CODE and Clicking on ACTIVATE

You need to first check if you have typed the ACTIVATION CODE correctly.

if everything is correct please contact us so we can check the issue.

If no error is displayed you will see the channel opening on screen.

Click on the Middle Round Button on your DEVICE REMOTE CONTROL which corresponde to the OK or ENTER BUTTON to show up the CHANNELS LIST like on Screenshoot below.

Use the RIGHT and LEFT ARROW to move to the next CHANNELS GROUP and the UP and DOWN ARROW to show more CHANNELS on the existent GROUP on screen.


VIPTV Play on Fire TV Stick

Before you install VIPTV PLAY you need to go to your Fire TV Stick and search for Downloader App and install it

1. Go to the home screen of Fire TV / Stick if you are already not there

2. Use your remote to navigate to Find > Search on the menu bar in the middle of the screen

3. Now type in ‘Downloader’ (without the quotes of course) using the onscreen keypad (use the remote to navigate to the letters.

4. You should see the app suggestions on the list that show up as you begin typing. When you see ‘Downloader’ on the list, select and open it

5. You should now see ‘Downloader’ appear under the ‘APPS & GAMES’ section. Go ahead and click it

6. Now click the ‘Get’ or ‘Download‘ button to download and install the app. You should have the app in no more than a couple of minutes

Once the app is installed, you will again see it in the Apps & Games section and probably on the home screen among the recently installed apps.

Click on it and click on open.

You will get a screen similar to the one below.

You will need to enter the VIPTV PLAY Manual Installation URL in the field and click on GO or you can delete the http:// from the field and simple digit the code 54657 in the field instead of the URL

As soon as VIPTV PLAY finish to Download Click on Install and then Open


Official Apple Application for Premium English Package ONLY

TVID PRO is the Official Apple Application to Be Used with PREMIUM ENGLISH SUBSCRIPTION ONLY.

FIRST STEP – Downloading and Installing the Application

Click below to go to App Store in your iPhone to install TVID PRO APP

After successfull install the application on your device click on open.

SECOND STEP – Lauching The Application

When you open TVID PRO APP for the First Time you will see this screen similar to this one below.
Type your USERNAME,  PASSWORD and SERVER URL for your PREMIUM ENGLISH SUBSCRIPTION STREAM ACCOUNT that was emailed to you and then Click on SIGN IN