Premium English IPTV Subscriptions

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Premium English IPTV Subscriptions List

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1 Device

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2 Devices

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3 Devices

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4 Devices

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5 Devices

General Products Infomations

You Can Use VIPTV PLAY Our Official Application for Android with Any Premium English IPTV Subscriptions 

Kodi Add-on Supported

WebTV (browser) Supported


You can order and use two differents subscriptions on same device and same VIPTV PLAY Activation Code but you will only be able to use it on the first device that it was activated for.

If you order subscription for more than one device connection you will receive ONE Activation Code for EACH device.


If you use third part application you will only be allowed to use it on one device connection at same time for One Device Subscription.

If you order Subscription for more than one device you will be able to use the same subscription on the amount of the device acquired at same time.