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These terms (the “Terms of Service“) apply to your use of www.viptvstreams.com and www.viptvstreams.com/billing (the “Website“) and any purchase or use by you of any software, products or services that may be made available to you through it (collectively, the “Services“) and also apply to your access to and use of this website  and / or on your behalf. By accessing any page of this website and / or using the services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and Also to Our PRIVACY POLICY without limitation or qualification.

The Website is a site operated by VipTV Streams. VipTV Streams reserves the right to amend or update these Terms of Service at any time, with or without notice. Such changes shall take effect immediately and shall apply to all subsequent use by you of the Website or Services. Every time you wish to use the Website, please check these terms to ensure you understand the terms that apply at that time.

If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, stop accessing this website and / or using the services immediately.


The initial payment for your subscription corresponds to the term determined by you, either Monthly ou Annual.

If You choose to signup for AUTO PAYMENT Your VipTV Streams subscription will be charged automatically in the next cycle determined at the time of subscription purchase, however if you choose the ONE TIME PAYMENT it will be necessary to renew after the time you choose (Every: Month or Year) through the same page designed for your package renew and using your Stream Account Username that was setup at the time of purchase, otherwise you will receive a new license and need to install it again on your device (s). VipTV Streams will not return the payment once the license has been created. If the subscriber decides for his money back, send us an email to [email protected], containing the Subject ‘Cancel Order’ contenting the order number to cancel your order before the license is issued. The subscriber is aware that if his email with the stream account information is sent after his license is issued, there will be no refund of the amount paid, whether total or partial, regardless of the chosen plan. All licenses issued have costs that are immediately passed on to our providers and the agreement with VipTV Streams once the license is issued will not be refunded. So if the subscriber is not sure if he will continue with us and if our services will fulfill his expectations we suggest the ONE TIME MONTH plan which is One Time Payment to decide if you like our services.


VipTV Streams is not responsible for the transmission of programming which is transmitted directly from our contracted service providers, this includes all channels from the stream.

In the event of interruption of services in the future by any nature, it is up to VipTV Streams and the subscriber to respect The Payment Part of these service terms and conditions.

Our Services are not intended for use by children without the involvement and approval of their parents or legal guardian. If you are under 18, then you are not allowed to register with us or provide your personal information.

These Terms of Use govern the use of all of our Services and your relationship with us.


To access our Services, the subscriber must have a broadband, wireless or cable internet connection. Connections over 40 megs of speed are recommended.

If the subscriber does not have it, he will have to obtain a connection before using our services that require the use of the internet.

It is the subscriber’s responsibility to obtain and maintain the internet connectivity necessary to access and use our Services.

VipTV Streams is not responsible for its Internet connectivity (or for the amount of data consumed by the subscriber in connection with the use of any of our services).

The time it takes to access and use any of our services (for example, watching a movie or TV show) can vary based on several factors, including your location, your internet connectivity, the bandwidth available on the at the time of your order, the format of our services you are trying to access, the device (s) you use to access our services and other factors beyond our control.

VipTV Streams makes no representations or warranties about the speed or quality of your viewing experience on your device, and reserves the right to change our Services (for example, the format) based on your connectivity specifications with Internet (for example, or the device does not meet our standards required to access and view high definition (“HD”) content, so any HD content accessed by you may be automatically formatted by us in an attempt to improve your experience).

We suggest that you ensure that your internet connectivity, allowed devices (as defined in our Knowledge Base) and your configuration are compatible with our services and their format.


Be advised that not all devices are compatible, or allowed, for use with our services.

To use our services, you must have a compatible device, and you will need to obtain such a device from a third party provider at your own cost.

You can use more than one device, but the number of authorized user (s) who access or use our services in a manner may be limited to one (1). One device allowed at a time at any time (unless you purchase Premium English Subscription that allow you to use on more than one device). In addition, some of our services, or parts of their functionality, may be “eliminated” or not for some authorized devices (due to bad updates or other incompatibility that may occur on your internet network).

By accessing or using any of our services, you agree to review exclusively to the third party that manufactured and / or sold the device for any problems related to that device, such as the operating system and / or its compatibility with any of our services . Service changes; service packages.

In addition, and without limiting any other provisions of these terms of use, VipTV Streams may, permanently or temporarily, add, delete, reorganize, alter, interrupt, alter and / or eliminate: any and all prices, or charges; packages, programming, supplier programming, services offered by suppliers; applications, features and or functionalities and technical or functional requirements, authorized devices, compatible operating systems, and / or minimal Internet connectivity necessary to use the services, from time to time and at any time. In the event of adding, changing and / or changing any prices, fees and / or charges, then you agree to pay the prices, fees and / or charges added, changed and / or changed. In the case of adding, deleting, reorganizing, altering, altering and / or eliminating any packages, the availability of the system in relation to any particular programming and / or programming of suppliers, software (download page), applications, resources and / or features.

Acknowledge and agree that (a) we are under no obligation to replace or supplement such packages, the availability of VipTV Streams with respect to any particular programming and / or programming of suppliers, software, applications, resources and / or features and you have no the right to any credits, refunds, price reductions or any other form of compensation because of such addition, deletion, rearrangement, alteration, and / or elimination.

You also acknowledge and agree that such additions, deletions, rearrangements, changes, changes and / or deletions are not a discretionary act by us. They may be due, in whole or in part, to the termination, suspension or expiration of our legal right to provide such packages, the availability of the VipTV Streams service in relation to any particular programming and / or programming of suppliers, software, applications, resources and / or features.


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